Who We Are

Lonely Star Guitars

I’m very pleased to have launched this new site “Lonely Star Guitars” where you can find and donwload Plans for Electric Guitars. Now with special launching offer.

After the purchase you will receive a full size, full scale printable PDF file with 3 sheets A0 format from where you can make your own templates
and print them as many times as you want.

The plans were drawn to scale based on the most popular guitars of the most famous brands. 

These drawings were design completely in a 3D software, so you can be sure that all the components fit perfect with each other.

But I can’t guarantee that the pieces are interchangeable with others guitars (including the originals) there may be some differences in geometry or dimensions.

I hightly recommend to check the dimensions of your hardware before make any perforation or cavity, they can vary from different manufacturers.


If you need a special design or some variant of the existing guitars you can contact me to agree on a price (anything is possible).

I can get very reasonably close to what you want if you type the specifications or dimensions. Or you can just put your ideas in a piece of paper and send them to me. Of course the prices will vary from one case to another.

Digital downloads cannot be refunded. But if you have any problem with the plans after the purchase, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you.